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Chicken Luxe Grill Peri-Peri in Southall is your first choice for nutritious and delicious Peri-Peri spiced chicken on the move.


Vibrant, tasty, and full of flavour.

We have something for everyone, including vegan specialties!

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grilled halloumi on a gridle_


Our starters are tasty Peri-Peri chicken, prawns, or meat.
Finished off on the grill.
Great for a quick snack on the go.

Halloumi Grilled

Houmous & Warm Pitta

Spicy Mixed Olives

4 Chicken Strips





3 Chicken Wings

4 Beef Strips

4 Pieces of Prawn




Piri Piri chicken salad.

Fresh Salads

Enjoy our range of healthy salads, freshly prepared with crispy leaves, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and mixed peppers.
With your choice of flavouring

Halloumi Grilled Salad


3 pieces grilled halloumi

Chicken Strip Salad


4 strips

Falafel Salad


With sweet potato falafel

Chicken Joint Wings Salad


3 pieces

Beef Strip Salad


4 strips

Prawn Salad


4 pieces

BBQ chicken salad wrap.

Pitta and Wraps

Choose your filling and side, you can choose from a pitta or wrap, served with fresh salad and mayonnaise.

Halloumi Grilled


Grilled pieces of halloumi in your choice of flavouring



Choose your flavouring and an array of extra toppings



Sweet potato falafel with aromatic herbs and spices

Spicy Lamb Kebab


Delicious lamb patty made with herbs and spices



Strips of beef available lightly spiced or seasoned



Marinated pieces of prawn



Great fresh burgers are available as single or double

Add extra beef patty                  4oz -£2.50            6oz -£3.50

Add extra lamb patty                                                6oz -£3.80

Classic Beef


Beef patty with pickles ketchup, mayonnaise, and salad

Royal Beef


Beef patty with pickles, BBQ, mayonnaise, and salad

Spicy Lamb Kebab


Delicious lamb patty made with herbs and spices

Chicken Breast Fillet


Rio Beef


Beef patty with jalapenos, chunky salsa, mayonnaise, and salad

Chicken Tikka


Tender breast marinated in our original tikka spice

Vegan Burger


Vegan Burger with salad and vegan mayonnaise

Steam grilled chicken breast with your choice of flavours

spicy fried chicken strips


Peri-Peri Style

Chicken Strips


Select either 6 or 10 pieces

Chicken Joint Wings


Grilled to perfection

Beef Strips


Butterfly Chicken


Mouth-watering flamed grilled chicken

Quarter or Half Chicken


Choose either quarter, half, or full chicken

Choose 6 or 10 pieces

grilled meat platter.

Grilled Platter

Peri-Peri Wings Platter


14 wings and 2 regular sides

Peri-Peri Single Platter


1 whole Piri Chicken in a flavouring of your choice with 2 sides

Super Mega Platter


Peri-Peri Strips Platter


12 chicken strips and 2 regular sides

Mixed Platter


1 whole chicken, 4 wings, 4 strips with 2 regular sides

2 whole chickens, 8 wings, 8 strips, 4 regular sides & 1.5ltre Coke

French Fries






Mashed Potato






Corn on the cob




Sweet Potato Fries (Vegan)(Veg)





Peri-Peri Seasoning



4 Crispy Chicken strips.

Kids Menu

Delicious and nutritious menu for the under 10s.
Including fries and drink (Fruit Shoot or water)


Mini Chicken Burger Meal


Mini Chicken Wrap Meal


3 Chicken Strip Meal




Luxe Chocolate Cake

A slice of luxurious scrumptious chocolate cake


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Gooey and unapologetically pudding, rich sponge cake with a charming toffee sauce


New York Cheesecake

Rich creamy delight with a biscuit base

Fresh Orange Juice


Milkshakes (50cl)

Smoothie (50cl)

Lassi (50cl)

Mineral Water (330ml)





Freshly Squeezed Juice (50cl)

Soft Drink Large Bottle (1.5 Litre)

Soft Drinks (330ml)




Hoummos Plate


Peri-Peri Mayonnaise




Chilli Dip


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